NIE Login

With your NIE Login account, you can access NIE Portal, NIE Library e-resources, email account (full-time staff only) and the NIE wireless network. You may refer to NIE Login guides at NIE Portal.

Password expiry:
  • Student teachers account password expires every 180 days
  • Staff account password expires every 90 days
Account extension:
  • For Part-time staff account extension requests, you may wish to get approval from Project manager.
  • Full-time staff account extension requests, you may wish to get approval from AG Head.
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PDCM students
Email your password reset request to Service Desk in the following format:

Subject: Request to reset password to access NIE Portal

Full name:
NRIC/FIN number:
Course of Study:
Contact number:
Reason for password reset: E.g. Access to NIE Portal or Check Results

Password Reset Service at Services Hub

For walk-in password reset service, please comply strictly with the following:
  1. Bring along one of the following original and valid documents:
    1. Student Matriculation card
    2. Staff card
    3. NRIC / FIN card
    4. Passport
    5. Driving license
    6. NIE Employment letter
  2. Only the rightful account owner is allowed to request for password reset.
  3. You are strictly not allowed to authorize another person to request/reset your account password on your behalf.

Other Account Types:
  1. For common account that is shared between members such as Student Clubs, Projects, Events, Seminars & Conferences etc, only the account-in-charge owner is allowed to request a password reset.
    1. If the common account owner is unable to visit counter personally due to unforeseen reasons e.g. overseas trip, the owner’s immediate Supervisor, Project Manager or Head of Department has to send an official NIE email to ACIS Service Desk’s at
    2. State the authorised representative’s full name, department, common account userID & reason(s) for password reset in the email.
  2. For student’s Office 365 account, password reset instructions will be sent to your active personal email address within one working day after verification is done.

Do Take Note:
  1. For staff, the owner’s photo from all other systems will no longer be accepted as proof of document to request a password reset. (e.g. from Outlook client email & Lync systems etc)
  2. Services Hub staff shall NOT proceed with any password reset request if the required document(s) stated above cannot be produced for verification.